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Feel free like a bird. 

The Alkonost is a unisex London based independent jewellery company. Handmade bird and other anatomical inspired pieces create a brand that is raw yet refined at the same time. In a world full of fabricated jewellery, it is important to keep a sense of the value of craftsmanship. With this 'one woman' company, you can be certain that each piece is made with thought.

'Current yet timeless'.

'Life is too short to wear boring jewellery' – each piece by The Alkonost is exclusively made to exude the wearers personal sense of style and edge. Whether that be punk, goth, high-fashion, or anything in-between, wearing an Alkonost piece reflects an individuality that is current yet timeless.




'Eyes of Heaven' Bracelet.

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Eco Friendly

As an independent company, The Alkonost tries to be as green as is possible – being a ‘one woman company’ you know that each piece is made in an ethical artistic environment. It is important to be stylish yet sustainable.