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Supporting independent artists is crucial to our fast pace and testing world, providing art with meaning and innovation.

It is important to inspire, and to be inspired. 

"The Alkonost, according to Russian mythology, is a creature with the body of a bird but the head of a beautiful woman. She makes sounds that are amazingly hypnotic. Those who hear these sounds forget everything they know and want for nothing more. She lives in paradise but comes into our world to deliver a message of hope. Unlike her counterpart Sirin, she brings good, not evil."  
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               Stylish and sustainable


As an independent company, The Alkonost tries to be as green as is possible – being a ‘one woman company’ you know that each piece is made in an ethical artistic environment.

Beautifully packaged, The Alkonost uses boxes made from recycled materials and sustainable forests. Elegant and refined packaging doesn't need to cost the environment. 

jewellery boxes
jewellery boxes

Jewellery Care

It is important to take care of your jewellery, to maintain its beauty with a bit of love and care. You can find more information on specific 'do's and don'ts' in the FAQ section. A complimentary polishing service is provided for your Alkonost treasures. Gold re-plating is available at a small charge depending on the item.