Coming Back.

The great thing about going away is the coming back...

As a creative, the everlasting feeling of never feeling truly content can become a cloud a dread, a fog of thoughts. They call it the ‘block’. 

You can feel something, or someone missing you, or is it the ache of you missing them?

Whatever your passion, it is a living version of you. A counter part, a love hate relationship battling in your mind. Your partner in crime, telling you to carry on, push you into the unknown, never once feeling alone with them by your side. So no doubt when the dreaded ‘block’ blacks over your vision, you are then alone, and are completely lost. 

As bad as it feels to be in the dreaded creative cube of despair, it is important as an artist, as a person to step into the darkness in order to see a light.

 They say time is a healer, but time is also growth, possibly where the term ‘growing pains’ emerged. Growing is never simple, it takes strength, power, stamina and most of all acceptance . To be woke means you have to sleep sometimes. 

When you get lost and wander so far away, the distance may seem so much clearer than what you made behind you. But don’t doubt, your inner compass always brings you home. 

Running away means coming back. 

Being lost means you are found. 


Photography Credits: Nicole Gomes

Hair and Makeup : Hannah Williams