Do you look or see?

Do you scribble or erase?

Do you breathe in or breathe out?

I find within nature I become overwhelmed with questions, but find answers within the beauty of it. Autumn presents a change, a shift of season into a comfortable cold, warm tones, crunched leaves and birds taking flight to a sunnier side. There is a sadness that you are forced to be swallowed into the darker nights yet a comfort of the moon watching over you earlier than before.

I came to learn a tale in the beautiful forest of ‘Daphne’, in Greek mythology known as a forest nymph, daughter to the River God Ladon. Her freshwater qualities and beauty lead to unwanted and persistent attention of the God Apollo – who persued her. Just before losing herself to him, she pleaded with her father to save her, and in so, transformed Daphne into a Laurel Tree.

My ethos is to feel free as a bird, but we need the ability to move to be able to fly.

Is freedom a physical or mental form? Birds often use a V formation in flight, using the updraft of the fellow birds to save energy, preserving the groups intense strength and stamina collectively to hold each other in flight.

Do you have to capture yourself in order not to be captured?

Do we fly or float?

Do you have to be moving to be free?


I don’t know all the answers.

But I know we keep each other afloat.

All my love.