It is easy to forget your surroundings and be consumed in the everyday pressures that society and yourself create. It really is important to step back, take a moment to breathe and actually remember to feel something, and to feel alive again. I myself was talking myself out of having time off with a long list of ‘To Do’s’ at home. I was worried about catching up with work but was also finding excuses as to why it would be good to get away! It was a continuous back and forth in my mind as to the best thing to do. But after all the worry, getting away was the best thing for me. Inspiration comes in many forms, through good friends, good food (and drink!) and with new surroundings. I managed to fall in love too, with the city of Lisbon.... live music, incredible fresh cuisine and sunsets too beautiful to describe. I think one of the best parts was losing track of time, lying on the beach with my fingers pressing into the sand...having no schedule is truly good for the soul.

One part of the trip that stood out for me, in the midst of Sangrias and Pina Coladas, was a traditional Portuguese style evening of ‘Fado’, translating as fate/destiny. This traditional music dates back to the 1800’s, producing soulful sounds of a heavy heart. In a truly intimate setting in a dainty restaurant in the Old Town, the curtains were drawn, the room lit by candle light, the focus of the heartrending vocals accompanied by two guitarists. What I found truly beautiful was the fact that these songs date way back yet the raw passion and feelings of this genre are still apparent today. We have all felt our share of love and loss but it is bittersweet that this can bring people together to mourn the same loss of love.

So, my advice to you is if you ever feel at a loss, go explore. If it is a feeling of disillusionment with your surroundings and you feel that you need a holiday, go outside, feel nature, go for a walk. We only get this one life so don’t limit yourself. Make your mark on the world but don’t forget to live it. Get addicted to the buzz of life not the buzz of the pressures of life. But most of all simply do what makes you happy!

Let's see where ‘Fado’ takes you!


Photography Credit: Nicole Gomes www.nicolemgomes.com

Kimberley Ellison