Into the Sky.


As a New Year begins, we are forced into the feeling of escaping the previous with the whole concept of a  ‘New Year, New Me’…

With this in mind, suddenly within 24hours we have run away from whatever experiences in the past we created and panic into urgently having to create a better future.

In reality, even with the ups and downs of the year it is all experiences just adding to our being – making us stronger. With this strength it will guarantee a happier future.

So don’t be scared and runaway from the years lost, run into the new ones to come. Run with the birds, feel the freedom and keep creating your own wonderful path in life. You just have to have that little bit of magic within your heart to keep you upflifted.

Rise together, fly together and soar together.

See you in the sky...

Credit to the beautiful and inspiring Laura Hollingworth running into the New year through Richmond Park.