The Tulip & The Sparrow

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The Tulip and the Sparrow

Standing erect, the Flower gazed at the sky above.

"I wish I could run with the birds,

Be one of the angels,

I want to fly."

Looking down from above,

The Bird gazed 

Over a ray of fuchsia delight,


 "I wish I could bloom with beauty so bright."

Stuck to the ground,

To the Tulip's delight,

A sweet song and feathers

Came into sight.


The shy Flower blushed 

As the Bird pecked it's petals,

Flying low

To say, "Hello."


Interrupted by a vision of brushed yellow,

The Tulip's friend the bee

Turned to the sparrow

With a buzz of wisdom and warning.


"Your friends are like trees..

Protect them,

You need them to breathe

To watch you fly."


With this

The Tulip's lips opened

To embrace the Sparrow's beak,

A kiss so sweet,

A natural bond complete.

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Kimberley Ellison