The 'Perfect' Present

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The Perfect Present

What defines a truly perfect Christmas gift? 

  • Love.

  • Thought.

  • Personality.

Tis’ the season of the gift giving pressure. It can be an intense expectation, to get the perfect personal present. An object that defines how much you care. But I will let you in to a little secret that can allow you to achieve all of the above...

  • Shop independent.

  • Shop local.

  • Shop craftsmanship.

Shop independent, not only in this festive time but when you want to show a person their worth to you. Choosing a gift that is special, thoughtful, that has a positive green impact on the world you are automatically choosing a ‘perfect present’ - a gift that can’t go wrong. A present that represents that of a kind. 

Sustainable fashion is ethics and aesthetics. It is easy to be blinded by the cheap price tag or mass production but someone somewhere is paying. Fast fashion is so out of date...

Show the person you love this Christmas how much you do, shop independent.

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Kimberley Ellison